Bulletproof Home Defense Review – What’s inside & Chapters Review

Hard times require hard measures some say. Still, we all have to find the proper measure that can keep us safe no matter what. The only place you can feel safe and comfortable is your own home but what if that special place where you feel protected becomes the target of burglars, thieves or other attacks?

What would you do to keep your home and family protected? What if the conventional ways of protecting your belongings are not as efficient as you might think? What if you don’t have the possibility to install high quality alarm systems or acquire the services of a specialized company?

Home-DefenseBulletproof Home Defense provides the necessary information and guidelines in order to keep your home and family safe from any harm without any expenses. Steve Walkers, a well-trained military that has survived several warzones offers the best defense tips and strategies for everyone. You don’t need military training to apply Steve Walker’s instructions. Along the nine chapters of Bulletproof Home Defense, the readers will find out the most important security measures recommended by Steve Walkers.

1. Home Defense for preppers

The first chapter describes Steve Walker’s life after retiring from his military career and thebook-shape reasons why he became so concerned about home defense strategies. Even though he has spent most of his life defending the country and surviving the worst situations, he himself had become a victim after settling down with his family. Besides, all the conventional security systems turned out to be useless since criminals have beset his home. Apart from that, the horrible moments he experienced during an attack in Egypt while visiting his sister were crucial factors that determined him to write Bulletproof Home Defense.
If we add the difficult situation of the country to all of these, Steve Walker’s intentions of preparing all of us for an eventual Doomsday is understandable. The only thing he aims for is the protection of his home and family shared in this book for everyone to follow the lead.

2. Defense concepts and strategies

All we need is a quite and peaceful life but the hard times we are passing through like poverty and hunger bring about surprising and harmful reactions such as crimes, burglaries or assaults. In this case not even a large stock of weapons and ammo can help you if you don’t have the proper strategy. And if you are relying on the help or the intervention of the authorities you might want to re-examine your goals. During crisis people forget about manners and are desperate to survive and protect their loved ones no matter what.
Any prepper should make sure to keep to the following basic principles:
- training
- equipment
- discipline
- coordination

Steve Walker also explains some of the basic measures for any prepper who wants his home and family protected such as:
- deter and delay – if you cannot defeat the attackers at least you can slow them down
- layering defenses – several layers of defense offers you enough time to react and prepare your offensive

3. The right defensive attitude

Another important aspect is related to your attitude during the crisis moments. It’s all right to be scared but don’t let your fears take over. You have to be mentally and emotionally ready for an attack otherwise you won’t be able to overcome the moment. In this chapter you will find out how to prepare and control yourself, what it’s right to do and what isn’t.

4. Don’t become a target

According to Steve Walker the best defense is not becoming a target, which means there are certain rules during a crisis so avoid using the grill while everyone else is killing just to get some food. More details and tips about the appearance of your home, secrecy and storing your things in the book.

5. Layers of defense

trapThe next three chapters focus on the basic layers of defense:
- first layer of defense – the larger your outer perimeter the better since it takes more time for the enemies to get to your home. The use of traps and obstacles is a must and the chance to banish them is bigger
- second layer of defense – if they get through your first layer of defense and since you don’t want your home to get penetrated you must take all the necessary measures to strengthen your home: doors, windows, walls.
- third layer of defense – you have to consider the possibility that enemies might break inside your home. In this case you should consider preparing a safety room where you can hide and an escape route.

6. Self-defense

Once you get face to face with your attacker you must know how to react and fight back, self defensewhich includes the use of weapons, firearms, rifles as well as unconventional weapons such as bright light, water pressure, hot liquids or anything you have in hand. It is important knowing how to use all these things at the right time.

7. Other considerations

Other aspects regarding your personal safety and the protection of your family and home are explained in the last chapter. You’ll find out that paying attention to every situation around you is crucial along with a good family teamwork. After all it is for the sake of everyone.

All in all, Bulletproof Home Defense is the best way to learn about protection, preparing yourself for the worst situations and knowing when and how to react and fight back. Learn from other people’s mistakes and experiences. GET Bulletproof Home Defense  AT A SPECIAL DISCOUNT TODAY!

Bulletproof Home – my best choice

In case you were wondering why would anyone waste their time and money to buy a safety guide you have certainly not experienced any attacks or threats regarding the safety of your own family and home. I am forced to say that you haven’t experienced it yet which means that such an event might occur anytime when you least expect it and that you shouldn’t ignore it just because you haven’t been a victim yet.

As a single mom, the safety of my home might be a problem since we appear much more vulnerable than other families. Since I cannot afford sophisticated alarm systems or special self-defense trainings, I have decided to do a little bit of research regarding home defense solutions. This is how I discovered Bulletproof Home and I must say I was impressed to find out so many tricks that can help me protect my home and family.

Steve Walker’s vast military experience and his life stories were more than useful for me. First of all I enjoyed reading the book even though I am not much of a reader and second I wasn’t expecting to learn so many useful things from a book I found on the Internet at such a low price.

After reading only a few passages I was tempted to abandon it and immediately apply some of the things written there. Besides, it didn’t require any additional expenses. Not to mention that I totally forgot about my plans of acquiring that expensive safety system that I have been saving for.

All in all, I am pleased that my children are safe and my home is protected. Not to mention that it was a cheap and successful investment for all of us. The only thing left to say is that I ordered it online on Bulletproof Home website and I had no problems whatsoever regarding the safety of my bank account. Don’t waste your time and money with expensive and useless products. Order now!

Bulletproof Home Review

Ever since I was a young boy I wanted to join the army and get a proper education and experience in order to be able to live a safe life together with my dear ones. Unfortunately, my physical condition did not allow me to follow this course and here I am at the age of 45 trying to find the best ways to protect my family.

This world is so unpredictable and we are so vulnerable that we should not take it for granted but take advantage of every opportunity that occurs in our path in order to protect our dear ones and ourselves. This is how I ran across Steve Walker’s home safety guide. The first thing that drew my attention was the fact that I was going to follow the instructions of a well trained military with a vast life experience which makes it even more credible. On the other hand, his book offers clear directions meant to be applied by everyone with or without military training.

Most of the experiences that Steve Walker went through during his whole life not only as a military but the everyday life turned out to be lessons of life for the rest of us. A few simple ideas explained in the easiest ways possible can help each and every one of us to live a safe life without worrying about possible attacks, burglaries, thieves or any other dangers.

Besides, we have all these in hands without too much effort considering the low cost of this product. Think about it as Steve Walker’s life displayed so that everyone can learn something from it and take what you are interested in. And I am sure everyone is interested in keeping ones family safe and protected.

I let myself convinced that this is one of the best protection guides I could have found and ordered it. You should do it as well and order it now on BulletProof Home website. It is safe and affordable for anyone. Good luck to you all!

John B.

Review and Product Endorsement of Bulletproof Home

I was surprised how easy it was to make the changes I learned about in Steve Walker’s Bulletproof Home e-book and how much safer I felt.

I had been looking for a way to protect my family and property after a neighbor of mine had his home broken into when they were sleeping upstairs. It really shook them up and my daughter is good friends of theirs and she had a hard time sleeping for weeks after it happened.  I decided it was time for me to do something but I did not know what and I did not know how much it would cost – I did not want to hire a full security service because I did not have the money.  I just wanted to find a way to protect the things I valued most – not my physical possessions but my family – the thing I could never replace if something bad happened to them.

Through a web search, I came across the Bullet Proof Home website.  The offer sounded real and the cost made it easy for me to try.

The e-book Bulletproof Home was easy to read.  I guess most of it had to do with author Steve Walker’s easy style of writing. It made me feel like I had a personal coach walking me through some practical ways to make my home safe and secure. It was actually fun to listen to him tell stories of how he had learned his lessons from real examples of situations that could have turned out badly but didn’t because of the strategies he discovered.

Now the book covers simple approaches as well as very sophisticated ways of protecting your home.  I found myself deciding to implement the easy things first and am in the process of planning out doing the things that will take me a while to do.  But that said, I was pleased that I could do a lot of things right away without expense and without taking a lot of time that made my daughter and our whole family feel safer immediately.  They were simple things that made a lot of sense but had it not been for the book, I just would not have known what to do.  It is funny how the simple easy things make such a big difference.

You know the thing that most surprised me was what I learned from all of the stories that Steve told throughout the book.  I found myself relating to each of the situations he described and then I liked how Steve drew from these stories the lessons that he talked about and the solutions to the problems he came up with and the clear instructions he gave me on how to protect myself and family from this situation occurring to us.

Now, the book itself was worth the low price but it was a pleasant treat to also get the additional resources that came with the book as a gift or bonus.

I recommend this book to anyone who wants to make their home safer and more secure and anyone who wants to take steps now to protect their loved ones from what is certain to happen again in this crazy world we now live in.

Mike Stevens

Bulletproof Home Program – Official Review

My Thoughts on The Bulletproof Home Guide

family Hi, my name is Mike Stevens and recently I’ve come across to a website that completely change my perspective about “being prepared in case of an imminent crisis”.

Let me start out by saying that I’m a born skeptic. I’ve seen so many “great deals” on the Internet, that it takes a lot to make me believe anything. Every day, someone is trying to sell me a new system for something; that I’ve gotten to the point where I don’t believe any of them.

The biggest problem is that you never know whether what you’re looking at buying is the real deal, or just something that someone has cobbled together to make a fast buck. There are a lot of products out there which seem to be preying on people’s fears in order to sell. As has always been the case, the advertising is better than the product. It’s like going to a fast-food joint to get a hamburger. The one in the picture looks perfect… and then when you get yours it looks like some dog barfed it up.

Well, that’s the way I approached The Bulletproof Home. When my buddy told me he found it over lunch, I was skeptical. There are times when think he’s likely to believe anything, although he’s smart enough in other ways. He just can’t understand that marketing is a bunch of lies.


Anyway, my buddy got me to take a look at it; and you know what? It wasn’t a scam; it wasn’t that barfed up hamburger; it wasn’t just repeated stuff in a glitzy cover; this was the real deal. I was amazed…and I’m sure you’ll be thrilled as well. You can get it at a discounted price here.

Something that was clearly designed for selling on the Internet was actually a worthwhile product, which I could use to help defend my family.

You’ve got to understand, I’ve been a gun owner ever since I was a kid. I still remember my first hunting rifle, a Winchester 94, just like the cowboys used. So, I’ve always had a “defend your home” sort of mentality.

While I can’t say that I’m an expert, I can say that The Bulletproof Home really opened up my eyes. The thing that really stuck out at me from The Bulletproof Home is that it wasn’t conventional. This sounded like it had been written by one of those unconventional warfare buffs, not some retired grunt that was dishing out the same old stuff. That’s what made it good.

It was full of practical advice that I could really use; without having to build a ten foot high wall around my property and put in 20 closed-circuit television cameras.

Let me tell you just a few of the things I found in this book:
• Why you don’t want that ten foot wall
• The problem with security cameras in a crisis situation
• Why the Russians refer to a “safe room” as a “coffin”
• What kinds of guns work the best for home defense
• How to really make it hard for attackers to break into my home
• How to set my home up to be the perfect ambush

I’ll tell you, it was a real eye opener. By the time I was finished reading it, I felt I actually had a pretty good idea of how to protect my home. I’d learned things that I never thought of; things that honestly, you can’t find anywhere else.

So, in my humble opinion, this is a book that you have to have. At least, you have to have it if you take defending your home and your family seriously. You’ll be glad you got it, trust me. The peace of mind alone is worth the few bucks the book costs.

I talked personally to the owner and I managed even a better deal for you. If you click below you’ll get the BulletProof Home Training guide at an incredible discount:


Let me mention one more thing. Even though I think the book alone was worth the price, it didn’t come alone. They gave me some freebies to go with it. That just made it a better deal.

How to Survive an Economic Collapse – from the point of view of an Argentinean who did
Doctor in a Box – how to cure common ailments that might happen in a crisis
Unlimited Power – five ways of getting your own power if the grid goes down
Boomer Guide to Prepping – special needs for those of us who are getting a little long in the
The Ultimate Prepping Coach – a plan for putting the information in The Bulletproof Home to
work in 30 days

All these combined worth more than $200 dollars but you can get it today for free along with the main guide at the incredible discounted price of $37. Don’t hesitate. It’s the best deal you can get and I personally guarantee that you’ll love it.


Stay Safe,